Tips to Build Strong Backlinks in 2024?


Backlinks will keep on being a significant figure in Site design improvement (Website optimization) in 2024 and then some.  The idea of driving backlinks is basic when one site connects to another, it fills in as a demonstration of positive support for the quality and significance of the connected site. Web crawlers, for example, Google […]

Internal Linking and how its helps SEO


Internal link means that when we go inside a page or post on a website and add a link to another page or post of the same website, then it is called internal linking. You often read the post of any big website, as you scroll down a bit and then you will also read […]

The Benefits of Hiring the Digital Marketing Companies in India


Marketing companies in India can provide many benefits for businesses of all sizes. Labour costs in India are generally lower than in other countries, which can help keep overall marketing costs down. Indian digital marketing companies have a good understanding of the local market and cultural nuances, which can be beneficial when targeting Indian consumers. […]

Website Design Enhancement Technical SEO Checklist 2024


Search Engine Optimization is a complex and ever-evolving field, making it difficult to keep up with the latest best practices. Search engine algorithms continue to adjust and update, so SEO practitioners need to stay informed of the changes in order to ensure their websites remain competitive. The 2023 SEO Checklist can help you make sure […]

Know About the Difference Between SEO & SEM

seo vs sem

There are numerous new terms in the realm of sites including SEM and Website design enhancement (SEO). The universe of sites can be mind-boggling and confounding, covered with the wording you’ve never known about. The two most significant terms in the computerized field are SEM and Web optimization. When integrated into your business system, SEM […]

Grow Your Business by Investing in SEO

SEO for small businesses

On the off chance that you found a broke line, the other thing you did after you switched off the stopcock was to place the enormous book on your wet lap and flick through the pages of inadequately phrased promotions, acting the hero. Searching for a neighborhood handyman? Fortunately, our life has become extremely simple […]

Clear Sealer White Sealer
  • Rapid drying, medium viscosity good sanding, cost-effective.


Clear Matt
Clear High Gloss

PRO-LV: High Solid
HS Clear Matt
HS Clear HG
Natural Effect Clear

Pigmented Matt
Pigmented Gloss

  • Good covering, smooth finish, good levelling & scratch resistance.
  • High clarity & excellent surface finish, perfect for a natural finish, fast drying & superior hardness. Good gloss retention & Suitable for exterior use
  • Outstanding whiteness & scratch resistance, 100% antiyellowing properties, smooth finish.
Clear Sealer White Sealer

Clear Matt
Clear Satin
Pigmented Matt

  • This eco-friendly Water Based Acrylic System for interiors surpasses European low VOC standards and is nearly odourless. It enhances the clarity of grain for a better pattern and offers high durability.

Clear Sealer
White Sealer

  • A groundbreaking water-based Sealer designed to combat persistent yellowing/darkening in Mango & Acacia Wood. Embrace a new era of wood preservation with this Ammonia Free innovation, merging tech. with exceptional performance for a pristine, long-lasting wood appearance.

NC Sealer
HS Sealer
White Primer


6041 – Industrial
NC Lacquer
Matt Lacquer

6040 – High Solid
Satin Lacquer – HS
Glossy Lacquer – HS

6100 – All Surface
A/S Lacquer Matt
A/S Lacquer Satin
A/S Lacquer Matt

  • Achieve high coverage, quick drying, and exceptional flow for optimal productivity.
  • A cost-effective solution with medium viscosity, rapid drying, a flawless smooth finish.
  • Superior clarity, impeccable sur finish, rapid drying, and mild scratch and scuff resistance. 


Pigmented Matt
Pigmented Gloss
Metallic Topcoats

  • Offers superior corrosion resista exceptional coverage, a smooth finish, and mild scratch resistan Ideal for both Wood/Metal surfa 
  • High-Quality, Low VOC Wood Se & Lacquer: Achieve a Smooth, Scratch-Resistant Finish with
    Excellent Coverage. 
  • High coverage, excellent hiding, mild scratch resistance, smooth finish – for both wood and meta substrates.
Clear Sealer White Sealer
Clear Matt Clear Satin Clear High Gloss Pigmented Matt Pigmented Gloss
  • This system, can withstand very aggressive physical & chemical exposure like abrasion, heat, light, alcohol, tea/hot beverages and almost all solvents.
  • The product has excellent grain-filling properties along with non-yellowing tendencies.
Food Safe Clear Anti-Scratch Clear Soft Feel Clear
  • A 2K clear solution that’s food- safe, BV certified, non- yellowing, and stain-resistant. It offers a silky-smooth finish for all wood types. 
  • A single or two component coating with exceptional resistance to scratch.
  • A ultra smooth/silky velvet like finish with a good scratch & scuff resistance.